I and the Bird #60

Edition #60 of I and the Bird is currently online at the Search and Serendipity blog. Check it out for the best of bird blogging in the last few weeks.


The newest I and the Bird

Edition #50 of i and the bird has arrived at A Blog Around the Clock, a science blog run by a guy who goes by the screen name Coturnix. Give a read for the lastest in bird blogs.

Numero 51 will be hosted by The Birdchaser so send in your submissions to Rob (birdchaser AT hotmail DOT com) by Tuesday, June 12.

I and the Bird 49: the Wordchaser

For a poem, and the 49th edition of the birding carnival, hop on over to Via Negativa for a good time and interesting read as you peruse the latest, greatest bird posts in the blogosphere.

I and the Bird #42

The newest I and the Bird is out, featuring a voyage with Darwin as the the Neurophilosopher goes through the top birding blogs of the last two weeks at Neurophilosophy. It is a great journey covering four continents (I think I counted right) and many countries.

I and the Bird #40

This week’s edition of the birding carnival, I and the Bird, has been posted at Peregrine’s Bird Blog, a birder and from Northern Ireland. Check out I and the Bird #40 and enjoy. This is the first I and the Bird that I have participated in.