When the weather isn’t right for a good raptor flight, its a good chance to put in a little time digiscoping. Unfortunately today was particularly cloudy and the lighting was not optimal but it gave me a good chance to practice with manual focus. I set the camera to infinite focus and simply focus with the scopes focus knobs. When I am close, I zoom up to 60x with the scopes eyepiece and really lock in good on the focus, unzoom and snap the shot. Of course this requires a patient subject, but sometimes you get lucky.

White-breasted Nuthatch

This technique is particularly useful for focusing through branches and capturing the bird without blurring it all. Although the picture below is not the greatest picture of a blue jay, you can see how it is in decent focus despite being behind twigs. This can be particularly useful for focusing on just one shorebird, or finding a sparrow hiding in the grass.

Blue Jay

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  1. Nice shots.

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